Celebrating one year of Scrum Boosters!

11 Jan, 2019
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In 2014 I started at Xebia in the business unit Agile Consultancy and Training (ACT). Colleague Nicole Belilos took me under her wings and helped me develop and grow within this group of Agile coaches. Together with Laurens Bonnema we formed a group who had experienced a lot of bad Scrum, fake Scrum, Scrum and…We wanted to do something about that, because we really believe in the power of Scrum, when done well. We started a cluster called Xcellent Scrum, a group within our business unit with a real focus on helping organizations in improving Scrum. We became certified trainers for Scrum Alliance and and we developed the Scrum Master Academy together with Jesse Houwing.
We encountered a new issue rising in the organizations where we were hired as Agile Coaches and part of Agile transformations. Scrum Masters who had the title or certification but were not able to facilitate Scrum to optimize its effect or who were not able to get teams and organizations further in Scrum.

Scrum Master Cluster

We started hiring the best Scrum Masters in the Netherlands to help fix this problem. These Scrum Masters are selected for and able to handle challenging Scrum teams in complex environments, Scrum teams that are stuck, Scrum teams outside IT, Scrum teams with a lot of dependencies. They are also capable to work with the environment of the teams, the Agile leaders within the organization, the context of the Scrum teams and they are capable to act as the Scrum Master of Agile Transitions and to support Scrum Teams within management.
One of our objectives is to show organizations the power of the Scrum Master role. When not only acting as a secretary for the Scrum Team or as a Scrum police agent but as a Change Agent for the whole organization the power of the Scrum Master role can truly add a lot of value. With these new Scrum Masters on board, we formed the Scrum Master Cluster within ACT.

The birth of the Scrum Boosters

At the 26th of January 2018, we had a lift off with the Scrum Master Cluster, we decided on a new team name; Scrum Boosters, with the punch line, committed to innovating Scrum Mastery. More people joined and some people left, currently, we have 6 Scrum Boosters. I am very happy to be part of this diverse group enthusiastic and eager people!
Last week we looked back at our results of last year and looked forward to our plans for 2019.
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