New Scrum Process Overview – update

12 Aug, 2013
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I posted my drawing on the scrum process some time ago and afterwards it popped up on teamwalls, in presentations, give-aways etc. This is great and it motivated me to make some adjustments, given the recent scrum guide changes. I also put in some changes from the feedback on the first version.
to summarize:

  • added sprintgoals
  • changed “demo” to “sprint review”
  • changed “backlog grooming” to “product backlog refinement”
  • Linked the three roles to the retrospective
  • changed the backlog refinement picture
  • added our brand spanking new Xebia ACT logo!

Should you have any additions you would like to see or if you have spotted this drawing in the field, please let me know!
Please copy the picture below to use,



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