Big Data & Data Science

In a world where the pace of change is constantly increasing, how do you take control of your business? By learning from data and adapting faster. Organizations should transform into a DataDriven enterprise that can respond quickly to change. Of course, data and (open source) technology play a major role, but organization, skills, and process are equally important.

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Big Data & Data Science DataDriven Enterprise

Big Data and Data Science Solutions That Support Your Business

We provide the data consultancy you need to transform your business into a DataDriven enterprise that can respond quickly to change. Custom data solutions and predictive models ensure that your business is in front of the wave. Our dedicated team of experienced data engineers and business-savvy data scientists combine the best Big Data and machine learning technologies to help your organization become truly DataDriven.

  • Local experience
  • Vendor independent
  • Experts in productionizing models
  • No lock-in: We help our customers to become independent from consultancy services

Data Survey 2018/19: DRIVEN BY AI

The Data Survey 2018/19 report presents the results of our annual survey, collated from over 1,300 respondents, and discusses their insights into topics such as data strategy and technology, data science and artificial intelligence, and talent acquisition.


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