Accredited Kanban Trainer & Accredited Kanban Consultant

Pieter Rijken

Pieter is an Agile Coach, Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC). He is mad about giving the people more fun in work by providing them with insights and tools in what is holding them back and to discover by themselves which options are available to them.

More about Pieter Rijken

Pieter is an Agile Coach, AKT and AKC. His goal is to make your job more fun! He shows you what's holding you back and how you can grow. He believes in sharing knowledge. Not only from trainer to student, but also from peer to peer. Pieter has worked with KPN, ING, Rabobank and Aegon. He is a big fan of the transparency that Kanban brings to businesses. He likes to share the story behind Kanban and its many benefits with you. Pieter gives all of Xebia's Kanban training courses.

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