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Boost your in-house DevOps skills: train your developers to build highly reliable IT systems with Site Reliability Engineering!
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Explosive demand for DevOps professionals

The “new normal” is here to stay. COVID-19 has forced people all over the world to work flexibly and at distant locations. For that, employees now fully rely on their organization’s cloud-based IT systems. Because of this, the value of system trust has soared to unprecedented heights, across all sectors and industries.

The pandemic-induced need for such highly reliable, cloud-based IT-systems, combined with the overall ongoing digital acceleration and transformation, causes the organizational demand for DevOps Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) experts to skyrocket.

"Prior to COVID-19, DevOps professionals were in strong demand. In the midst of the crisis, DevOps professionals are still in strong demand, but the demand for effective remote working and coding, automation, and SRE skills is higher, given the 'new normal'."
 Jim Mercer - Research Director for DevOps at IDC

Why DevOps & SRE?

Because it is the job of DevOps Site Reliability Engineers to implement, operate and manage such stable environments for their organizations. DevOps experts aim at overall improvement of (Agile) product and application development, as well as increasing the reliability and secure accessibility of all operational systems. For this, the DevOps focus needs to shift from production velocity and collaboration towards enhanced, trustworthy, data-driven system development: to SRE!

As a DevOps SRE expert, you...

  • Know the customer’s needs, how to increase user satisfaction, and translate those needs into operations and product delivery.
  • Provide the optimal level of system reliability, with better-automated tasks and better cost-efficiency.
  • Balance app features with system reliability and secure networks & information for enhanced trust.
  • Handle incidents optimally for overall stability and continuity.
  • Know how to minimize time-to-market.
  • Increase the overall quality of your systems.

But what is SRE?

Site Reliability Engineering comprises a set of core concepts, principles, and practices that help you make your systems way more stable, resilient, and reliable. 

The main goals of SRE are:

  • The creation of scalable, stable, and trusted software systems and applications
  • Adjustment and fine-tuning system reliability levels to the needs of the organization as well as customers
  • Optimal automation of tasks, process improvement, and increasing customer/user satisfaction levels

SRE is THE must-have DevOps skill!

The bottom line? Reliable IT and Agile DevOps have become critical competitive factors. Organizations no longer ask themselves whether to adopt DevOps SRE and make it standard practice, but only when. Which is now!

And therefore, DevOps professionals in general, but especially those who have expert SRE skills, are now most wanted.

But as you know, the market pool of well-skilled DevOps employees is not infinite. It is already hard to find the right people out there. That is why organizations increasingly resort to in-house upskilling and to certify their own employees, or to even hire persons with sub-optimal skill sets and make upskilling part of the hiring deal.

DevOps professionals need to acquire SRE skills as soon as possible and gain experience in the field of agile software development techniques, developer-driven testing, and highly automated environments. Now that is exactly why Xebia has set up its DevOps SRE Upskill Program!

Xebia’s DevOps SRE Upskill Program: what's in it for you?

What does Xebia’s Upskill Program offer?

  • Awareness and knowledge of DevOps Site Reliability Engineering, its role in enhancing ‘reliability first’, and trade-offs that are encountered.
  • A full understanding and explanation of the DevOps and SRE core concepts and principles.
  • Knowledge of how to apply the concepts of SRE in daily work.
  • Expertise in determining the change of action with your DevOps team through the perspective of Site Reliability Engineers as Change Agents.
  • And last but not least: the program helps you identify your current skill state, your ambitions, and the steps you need to take to achieve those.   

What does our Upskill Program contain?

With our Upskill Program, your DevOps team will be learning not only from experts in SRE and experienced Tech Leaders but also from colleagues and peers, via working sessions and knowledge sharing. Learning what you want, when you want it, and how you want it!

  • 100+ hours of learning & development per Learning Journey, with a clear focus on Site Reliability Engineering.
  • A combination of live virtual courses, on-demand videos, homework, exercises, reading, videos, templates, micro-learning, as well as engaging interactions with peers.
  • Use cases, workshops, and assignments for direct implementation of what you have learned in real life.
  • Access to content, tools, and practices via the Xebia Content Library.
  • Access to trainers and peers via the Xebia Academy Community.
  • An SRE Competency Assessment at the start and end of the program.

Our roadmap for DevOps SRE Upskilling

The coaching and upskilling of experts in Cloud, SRE, and DevOps provide whole new opportunities for impacting the way in which an organization operates and delivers.

Therefore, we have developed our own customized roadmap for DevOps upskilling, with a clear focus on SRE and fine-tuned with our vast experience in the field of (digital) transformation.

Xebia also offers training, tailor-made workshops, and consulting solutions to successfully implement SRE in your organization. Want an example first? Read the success story of one of our customers!

Besides the Upskilling Program for DevOps & SRE, we can also offer similar programs for e.g. Security, Cloud, and (Agile) Software Development!

DevOps Site Reliability Engineering – Program Overview:

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