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A lack of knowledge should not stop you from adopting the cloud. While every organization seems to be hiring, who's training? We’re committed to making every organization cloud-native. As an authorized training partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure, we offer a cloud learning journey for everyone. 

Training beats hiring, everyday

Today's market has a big shortage of cloud skills. Every organization seems to be hiring, but who's investing in the skill development of their own teams? We believe that a lack of skill is the biggest challenge for cloud adoption. That is why Xebia acknowledges training as the key to success.

There is a great great opportunity for organizations to overcome the big knowledge gap in the market. Training programs provide the most efficient and effective way to upskill individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Besides an extensive public schedule and custom in-house programs, we also regularly organize worldwide free training events, we create training courses for the big cloud providers and share our knowledge by writing books and blogs.

Authorized Cloud Training Partner | & Xebia Academy

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The right training and learning for any individual and team

Creating your learning program

A learning needs analysis is a great foundation for an upskilling or reskilling program. In four distinct phases, we determine and analyze the current state. With these findings as a starting point and your learning objectives in mind, we develop a learning plan. Finally, we work with you and the team to plan the training program. On top of the learning need analysis, we can also advise and set up a Career Framework with a new/desired structure for your engineering teams and beyond.

Cloud upskill program approach | & Xebia Academy

Training formats that meet your preferred learning style

As a global organization, we fully understand the importance of efficient and interactive learning environments that cater to the specific needs of every individual. That's why we offer training in any preferred format and at any preferred

  • In-Classroom Training
    In-classroom, instructor-led training draws on a mix of lectures and hands-on assignments. We combine classic tools, such as whiteboards and post-its, with board games and other interactive learning approaches.
  • Online Training
    Online, instructor-led training uses a combination of different tools and scenes to provide the optimal experience.
  • On-Demand Training
    Xebia is an official reseller of on-demand training from leading platforms including Acloudguru, Pluralsight and Qwiklabs.
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