Beyond Coding Episode #120

Q&A #5: How to be a Great Senior Software Engineer & More with Patrick Akil

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:29 – How do you manage your own expectations
00:02:41 – If you could change one thing from the past, what would that be?
00:05:37 – What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
00:07:33 – Why did you transition from ops to development?
00:11:54 – Applying to a new role
00:15:45 – What languages are you learning?
00:16:19 – Rehydrating…
00:16:32 – What does it mean when someone says: you’ll learn this on the job?
00:18:19 – How much time do you get to learn on the job?
00:19:25 – What to learn and how to progress with CSS
00:21:32 – How many projects should my portfolio include?
00:24:38 – Should a startup have in-house or outsourced developers?
00:27:43 – What traits differentiate good vs. great developers?
00:31:04 – How do you conduct an interview for a junior frontend role?
00:34:01 – Do you have any tips for senior developers?
00:37:16 – What interview questions do you ask?
00:40:47 – Thank you for your questions!! 🙂