Beyond Coding Episode #84

Open Core, Pricing and AI product development with Dat Tran

Xebia Wave Long Background


Dat Tran shares how he co-founded Priceloop, what problem it solves and how he’s choosing to open source the core product.

I’ve seen more and more organisations choose this open core strategy. It removes lots of the hurdles for customer and developer adoption. On top of that, you join forces / create a community to make the product better.




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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:23 – Playing around with ChatGPT
00:02:11 – ChatGPT is a building block
00:03:38 – AI Product Development
00:08:05 – What problems does Priceloop solve
00:14:49 – Different visualisations than spreadsheets
00:20:02 – Building the right thing
00:24:31 – Open sourcing the code
00:31:26 – What parts are still closed source?
00:34:14 – Managing services
00:36:04 – Sticking to your core
00:37:15 – The open core model
00:40:37 – How much time is spent on coding as CTO
00:44:26 – Hiring the first person
00:47:46 – How did Dat grow his network
00:53:47 – Dat wants more tech founders from Europe