Beyond Coding Episode #68

Habits, Decentralisation and Decentralised Systems with Merlijn Boogerd

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Merlijn Boogerd shares how he’s always been fascinated by Decentralisation and Decentralised Systems.

I love the Wikipedia example he gives. A group of people came together and created this system and the ability to change information is completely open and public. Decentralised in that way. It’s become one of the cornerstones in how we find information.

Wikipedia is 20+ years old though…
What other benefits could Decentralised Systems offer nowadays?

We discuss all of that and more! In order
☑️ 80% of humans behaviour is habitual
☑️ Decentralised Systems
☑️ Benefits of Public Data
☑️ Crowdsourcing Software Development
☑️ Decentralised Building Blocks


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