Beyond Coding Episode #96

Data Analytics, Building a Product and Big Data with Alex Freberg

Xebia Wave Long Background


Alex Freberg comes on and shares his experience of pursuing content creation and consultancy full-time, along with the thought process behind his decision.

Additionally, he gives us a little sneak peek into the product he’s building with his startup.

We also discuss the various analyst roles you might come across and what the differences are between them.

Finally, we touch on big data challenges and the best practices for companies to collect and store data effectively.




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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:32 – Alex is a dad and husband first
00:01:11 – Quitting a stable job
00:03:10 – Hyperbolic concerns
00:04:15 – Alex had a YT channel reviewing watches
00:05:09 – Where did Alex the analyst come from?
00:06:43 – Data analyst vs. Business analyst
00:08:39 – Every company is different
00:09:40 – Generalist vs. Specialist
00:12:34 – Alex’s passion for education
00:13:59 – 1-1 sessions vs. YouTube
00:15:08 – Re-evaluating priorities
00:18:05 – Saying no
00:18:49 – Alex’s startup
00:21:00 – The best client to work with
00:23:27 – Things don’t go perfectly
00:24:39 – Feeling part of the team
00:25:27 – Learning collaboratively
00:26:17 – What happens post go-live?
00:27:37 – An authentic feeling
00:29:57 – Saying NO to sponsorships
00:31:06 – Sponsorships gone bad
00:33:27 – Great sponsorships and collaborations
00:34:44 – Patrick’s take on Udemy
00:35:48 – What data to collect and store
00:37:54 – Issues with storing data you don’t use
00:39:55 – No company has perfect data
00:41:13 – YOU CAN DO IT!