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Transforming Business Challenges into Opportunities with Innovative Data, AI, and Software Technologies

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Modernize, Scale and Secure Your Operational Systems

Using innovative technologies and solutions, Xebia helps your organization modernize, scale, and secure your core operational systems. Harness the power of Data, AI, advanced software development, and seamless DevOps automation to not only scale and modernize your operations but also fortify them against evolving threats. Elevate your business with our robust, secure technological frameworks that promise a competitive edge.

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A full-spectrum of consulting services

Our Services

We specialize in crafting robust architecture design and consulting, pioneering AI solutions, and devising advanced cloud strategies. Our expertise includes creating seamless API and microservices frameworks, data architectures, and comprehensive DevOps services and solutions. Whether you need short-term or long-term engagements, we're dedicated to propelling your projects across the finish line with precision and excellence.



Xebia offers comprehensive software consulting services on data and AI, Cloud, and functional programming languages and related technologies, including Scala, Kotlin, Java, Rust, Spark, Kafka, and Akka, 


DevOps Services and Solutions


Xebia offers broad DevSecOps services, helping clients adopt a holistic approach to software development, delivery, and security.

Architectural Guidance


High-level design and architectural advice from a team with extensive experience deploying applications into production. We’ll help structure workflow and design to meet your company’s business goals.

AI Solutions


Leverage AI’s power to streamline and enhance your business operations, driving efficiency and innovation with our data-driven strategies. 

Generative AI and LLMs


Unlock the power of Generative AI to revolutionize the way you work. Xebia’s expertise can help you develop transformative LLM-based solutions, from workshops to products to platforms. 

Cloud Migration


Navigate your cloud journey with our expert guidance. We streamline the migration process, ensuring a secure, efficient transfer to the cloud, thus enhancing flexibility and reducing operational costs. 

API & Microservices


Xebia offers custom APIs and microservices for seamless system integration that enhances flexibility. Our approach ensures swift infrastructure growth and faster development cycles. 

Data Solutions


Elevate your business by transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights. Specializing in Data Engineering and Data Architecture, we design agile and scalable data frameworks that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, regardless of the cloud environment. 

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Our Partners

Build Responsive and Resilient Software and Data Platforms


⁤Xebia specializes in a range of fields including Data and AI, Cloud, and Software Technology. ⁤⁤Our expertise includes functional programming languages like Scala, Kotlin, Rust, and Java and technologies like Spark, Kafka, and Akka. ⁤⁤We focus on creating resilient, scalable, and secure solutions that help innovate and drive our clients' success. ⁤



Scala is an elegant and concise programming language that integrates both functional and object-oriented paradigms. 



Kotlin is a statically-typed, open source programming language on the JVM used for building modern multi-platform applications.



Xebia is comprised of Certified Spark Developers with real-world production experience integrating Apache Spark, a fast and general cluster computing system for Big Data.



Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe messaging system, written in Scala, that is scalable, fast, and fault-tolerant allowing a single cluster to serve as the primary data foundation for a large organization.

Functional programming


Functional Programming provides increased stability, reliability, concise syntaxes, and increased productivity.



Learn why migrating from a monolithic system to a microservices-based architecture with the help of Xebia can transform your business.



A powerful programming language known for its safety and performance, Rust is ideal for building reliable, efficient software that excels in speed and concurrency. 

Edge Computing


Edge computing brings data processing closer to the source of data generation, enhancing response times and reducing bandwidth use, perfect for real-time applications. 



An advanced form of artificial intelligence, GenAI focuses on creating new and unique outputs, ranging from content generation to complex problem-solving, using data-driven models. 

Internet of Things


IoT connects everyday devices to the internet, enabling them to collect and share data, thereby creating a more interconnected and automated world. 

MACH Alliance


Standing for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless, the MACH Alliance promotes a technology ecosystem that is agile, flexible, and modular, aligning perfectly with modern digital needs. 

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Customer story

Modernizing Core Banking Technology Infrastructure

Helping a leading provider of technology solutions geared toward the banking industry improve backend services and unclog slow downstreams.

Customer story

Connected Vehicle Data Company Improves Engineering Capabilities

A global connected vehicle data company added to its data engineering capabilities and took actions to improve the cost-performance of various projects

Customer story

Global Logistics Company Relieves Pressure on Operational Databases

A global leader in logistics relieved pressure on its operational databases, adjusting to provide a new unified source for performing analytics and data science

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Why Choose Xebia?

Xebia’s global presence, with expertise in software technology consulting, software engineering, AI, and more, positions us to offer comprehensive, end-to-end IT solutions. We’re not just about delivering high-quality services; our standardized solutions ensure a quicker market entry for your business. In addition, we design our diverse training courses to upskill your workforce, keeping you ahead of digital trends.

We’re committed to our clients’ success, whether through high-level consulting or hands-on development, with our experienced engineers who excel across various digital domains, including Data and AI, Software Technology, DevOps, and more.