Cloud Infrastructures

To innovate and grow you have to fully benefit from the cloud and make sure your application and infrastructure is scalable, secure and resilient. We can help you with that. Our focus is to create a zero downtime platform based upon latest AWS, Google and Azure infrastructures.

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Cloud Infrastructures

Cloud infrastructure architecture and consulting

Xebia Cloud Infrastructures has the knowledge and experience to help you develop a cloud strategy that best fits your organizational needs. With the support of the AWS, Google or Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities, we help you make the first steps and get you on your way.

Xpirit, Microsoft Gold Partner, is Xebia's competence centre for Microsoft Azure Technology. Visit: Xpirit

Customer Reliability Engineering

Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) is the future approach for successful cloud adoption. With CRE, the product as a whole becomes a shared responsibility. If the product team focuses on the product and CRE Cloud Design Principles, this approach ensures the platform is elastic, secure and resilient. Because of the full trust and commitment both ways, we’ll be there 24x7, to ensure a successful cloud journey.

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