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You probably got here, because you’ve seen a Xebian on stage, read an article, checked a GitHub profile, or visited an OWASP meetup.

Cool that you are interested!

We care about DevOps security a great deal because nowadays software is everywhere, from (cloud) infra to apps. It provides the ability to binge series, makes sure you can buy cool gadgets and have them delivered to your home, makes sure your vitals are monitored in a hospital, and basically makes that we can live in a modern world.

At the same time software breaks all the time due to a lack of focus. Breaches occur every day and start to have an impact on a personal level. A ‘once a year’ audit, a simple checklist, and relying on a security department are no longer enough. Especially in fast-changing and time-challenging environments, security should be everyone’s concern.

This is the core belief of Xebia Security. Our people stand for taking responsibility and addressing security vulnerabilities wherever and whenever possible because we believe that the IT world around us can do better. Who are our people you ask? We have security engineers onboard that specialize in application security and/or cloud security and we have security enablers that know home to make security effective from a strategic and organizational perspective.

Our dream

Every company secure by design

Methods like Agile and DevOps led to faster software development, but that requires a totally different security approach. It’s our dream to make companies secure by design. And we believe it’s an achievable goal. What we do, serves a common cause; integrating security, privacy and compliancy in the Software Development Lifecycle, Platforms and Infra. We believe that the way to achieve this is to organize a team where each individual can and will take their responsibility towards working secure by design.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Xebia Security consultants strive to be the best in their league

Xebia Security consultants strive towards becoming the best in their league and share our knowledge and expertise. By bringing together a peer group of true knowledge workers like these… magic happens! But don’t take our word for granted, check the track record of our unit and members. Do your due diligence; we’ve got the facts to prove it: SKF – OWASP Flagship project, Mobile security – OWASP Flagship project, coaching 100 teams in DevSecOps, speaking at worldwide security conferences, references of our clients, and organizing renowned hacker camps. They’re also different individuals and fun to have a beer with and to discover each one’s cup of tea: breakdancing, hacker camps, black t-shirts, lego.

Now you know our what, why, how, and who, it’s your turn. What is your specific expertise? What can you add to our mission? What is important to you? Don’t take us lightly though. Along the way, we offer you a challenging assessment, tailored to your skills and ambitions. When you’ve proven yourself we welcome you to our team.


The Journey of Filip Chyla

“During the first conversations, people mentioned Xebia’s guiding principles: People First, Sharing Knowledge, Quality Without Compromise, and Customer Intimacy. The consistency with which those principles were named throughout the entire recruitment process made it clear that Xebia has a direction and a vision. I could feel that the team is very supportive of these principles and the company.”

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Customer story

Xebia Puts The Sting Back Into the Driver’s Seat with Revamped E-Commerce Platform

Cloud-based platform gives The Sting flexibility to experiment, while reducing costs and time-to-market

Customer story

Online Retailing Leader Serves Success Through Experimentation and Innovation improves its customer experience, data implementation, and overall productivity by creating a new experimentation platform

Customer story

Dutch Retail Giant Takes Holistic Approach to Modern Innovation

Blokker offshoot Mirage implements team-driven, end-user focused solutions to deliver more business features more frequently and bug-free

Customer story

Home Health and Medical Company Saves Patients Time and Money Through AI-powered e-Commerce Platform

Duxxie uses start-up methods to reach and improve home health care market; creates entirely new e-commerce platform in 115 days

Customer story

Dutch Plant Protection Board Breathes New Life into Old System

Dutch board for pesticide management learns Agile approach to work and updates its old legacy system into a new cloud architecture

Customer story

Online Tools Vendor Adopts the Right Tools to Meet Delivery Goals

ERIKS achieves the highly ambitious goal of launching its new website supported by test automation and continuous delivery

Customer story

Europe’s Largest Port Dives Deep Into Smart-Powered, Secure Information Flows

Port of Rotterdam enhances supply chain security and compliance with a strong digital strategy and smart infrastructure initiatives

Customer story

Lights, Camera, Action: KPN Takes a Star Turn in Digital Transformation

Rotterdam-based telecom company levels costs andempowers employees to innovate through Agile working methods

Customer story

Security Scores High Following Sweeping Upgrade for Major Dutch Telecom Company

KPN increases market turnaround and catalyzes development by integrating security into Agile processes

Customer story

New Hub App Empowers Real Estate Consultants on the Move

Innovative iOS mobile app boosts customer service for Knight Frank, one of the world’s leading real estate consultancies

Customer story

Global Player in Transport Solutions Launches 5-Star App for Innovative Fleet Management

Schmitz Cargobull gets rave reviews for its new be UpToDate smartphone app, which lets fleet managers manage and monitor their fleets on the go

Customer story

Sustainable Industrial Cleaner Manufacturer Optimizes Technical Maintenance with New Mobile App

Interflon minimizes rework and expedites workflow with creation of a new mobile application, completed in two months’ time

Customer story

Offering fresh perspectives on improving the software delivery process

How DKG gained insights, challenges, and improvement areas to continuously improve their software delivery.

Customer story

Enabling fast growth through continuous delivery and test automation

How DKG gained insights, challenges, and improvement areas to continuously improve their software delivery

Customer story

Sage Clears Digital Balance Sheet with Carbon React-Driven UX Redesign

Multinational SaaS provider employs Agile and Kanban ways of working; revamps accounting software with cleaner design and UX interface resulting in happier customers

Customer story

Parkos: Premium Parking With Google Cloud Platform

Number one airport parking platform accelerates global growth by improving the customer experience using GlobalDNS

Customer story

Responsive UX Design Allows Webcam Pioneers to Shine

High-end camera manufacturer redesigns web apps; improves user experience and attracts more customers to paid services

Customer story

UPS Utilizes Nightline & Azure Cloud for Premium Service

When leading global courier UPS acquired an Irish courier and logistics service operator, it required a full cloud migration and specialist app to optimize deliveries

Customer story

Sage Cloud Software Gets Boost With Carbon React

Accounting specialists create a component library that improves client collaboration — and satisfaction

Customer story

Kokoon Mobile Sleep App Delivers Excellent User Experience

A data-focused UX design gave the sleep-sensing headphone creator a high-quality app to complement its innovative technology

Customer story

Volotea Leads the Way With New API & Mobile Apps

Combining a refreshed GDS integration with two brand-new mobile applications gave Europe’s leading low-cost airline a huge competitive advantage

Customer story

How iO upskills its workforce to retain talent

iO is an end-to-end full-service agency in communication and digital transformation. To attract and retain digital talent, iO wanted to upskill its junior software developers to provide them with personal growth and greater job satisfaction. With a custom learning program, iO's teams now grow and develop more quickly than before.

Customer story

Deliver Flower Power together

“Being digital means enabling information to move at lightspeed. But it is about people—and that takes time.”

Customer story

Offering high quality at high speed

To provide clients with all the conveniences they expect, PGGM’s key stakeholders aimed to deliver cheaper portfolio management and new functionalities within shorter production times.

Customer story

Increase Scalability with Continuous Integration Platform

“Being digital means enabling information to move at lightspeed. But it is about people—and that takes time”

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Why work here?

The perks of being a Xebian

We are deeply committed to your personal and professional growth. That’s why we like to make you feel at home and at the same time challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, learn from your colleagues and, in turn,  share your knowledge with them. We’ll give you the tools you need to never stop developing, like an excellent training program and more!

  • Professional training budget
  • Weekly knowledge sharing sessions with nice food
  • The opportunity to attend and speak at high-profile events
  • Pick the laptop and phone of your choice
  • Every 2 years you get to renew your phone and laptop!
  • An unlimited book budget
  • Actively contribute to global tech communities
  • An open, informal culture where you’re encouraged to speak your mind
  • Lots of fun events, such as skiing vacations or going to Ibiza. A BBQ, theme party, sports, our own MUD or TED event or organize something yourself!