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Analytics Engineer

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Does this sound like you?

Your passion is data and analytics. You want to create value at our clients by uncovering, organizing, and making sense of data. You understand that it is important to build robust solutions. You feel comfortable to operate in the sweet spot between business and engineering.

How you will help to create value with Data & AI

At Xebia, we help build data & AI practices that deliver value to both our clients and their customers. In the past, our team of data professionals has predicted the daily demand for millions of loaves of bread, advanced energy-saving algorithms to nationwide scale, and set up data innovation labs at large multinationals. We have already enjoyed great success in making the top companies AI-driven – just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team!

What you will do to make organizations AI-driven

The Analytics Engineer is the bridge between business and engineering, and you understand what data can bring to the organization. With your strong communication skills, you help uncover business needs and how to support that with data, reporting and visualization. You use software engineering best practices to write production-grade ETL pipelines, making high-quality data available for creating business value with analytics. You take a pragmatic approach to rapidly building visualizations and dashboards, allowing everyone to get actionable insights from the data.


  • You’re trained as a data analyst or scientist but have a deeper interest in software engineering than most.
  • You’re a jack-of-all-trades that loves learning new skills, always trying out the latest in data crunching tools.
  • You’ve excellent visualization chops, can write efficient SQL queries and know basic programming in Python.


  • You always take the academic approach to data and analytics and find it hard to be pragmatic.
  • You solely want to work as either analytics translator, data scientist or data engineer.
  • You dislike giving training, organizing workshops and getting to know the needs of the business.
Xebia Circle Wave Top Background
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