50 shades of No. Effective stakeholder management for the Product Owner

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Saying no is not always easy. Saying no is not always the same. And saying no isn’t always possible. A good reason for a book about it! Scrum and Agile are ‘hot’; more and more organizations are switching to this. In the many publications about it, there are only a few that really focus on the ‘key-role’ within Scrum: the Product Owner! The Professional Scrum Product Owner training courses (which the authors provide on a regular basis) show that upcoming Product Owners mainly have questions such as: ‘How do I deal with my stakeholders?’ and: ‘How do I effectively say no?’ And that’s exactly what the book 50 Shades of No answers for.

In addition to fifty different ways of saying no, the Product Owners receive background information about saying no, clarity about the mandate of their role, concrete examples from practice, and valuable tips and handles for taking action. Except for Product Owners, this book is interesting for everyone in a Product Management position.