Xpirit launches free Ask the Expert sessions

18 May, 2021
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At Xpirit, we love sharing knowledge. In fact, it’s one of our core values. That’s why we’re launching bi-weekly free virtual Ask the Expert Sessions. A panel of Xpirit Experts will share their knowledge about a specific topic in a few episodes from our studio in Hilversum. The sessions are free for everyone interested to join. Immanuel Kranendonk, COO at Xpirit, says: “We truly believe in sharing knowledge. Not only within our organization but also outside of it. Because the more we share it, the more energy and knowledge we get back. Sharing knowledge is crucial to our BHAG, which is to become a thought leader.”

During the one-hour sessions, the emphasis will be on interaction. After a short introduction to the topic by our experts, there will be plenty of time to ask questions, share challenges and discuss the topic further. Currently, we have two series planned. One will be about Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory, and the other will be about GitHub.

Three episodes of the Modern Authentication with Azure AD series

The Modern Authentication series contains three episodes by Loek Duys, Erik Oppedijk, and Chris van Sluijsveld. On June 8th, this panel will look at Modern Authentication with Azure AD B2C from an architecture perspective during the first episode. The experts add: “We invite everyone who is dealing with identities across multiple domains to join these Ask the Experts sessions, where we will discuss solutions from three different viewpoints.” 

Four episodes of the GitHub series

The GitHub series consists of four episodes by Manuel Riezebosch, Geert van der Cruijsen, Hindrik Bruinsma and Rob Bos. On June 17th, they will dive into GitHub Actions and Workflows during the first episode. Rob invites everyone interested in this topic to attend. He adds:  “Join our Ask the Expert series if you’re looking to discuss GitHub Security with an expert panel. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Share your thoughts

Your ideas matter to us! We’ve got much knowledge we want to share, but what would you like to learn more about? Let us know! Submit your ideas using the form below, and we will use your input to draft the next series of Ask the Experts.


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