Integrate Security Smoothly with GitHub Advanced Security

Shift security to the forefront of your development process to identify risks early and enhance your team's security posture effectively.

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Secure Software Begins with Secure Development  

We aim to build a security-first culture in your organization and need to work with you to achieve this. We focus on security automation to create awareness for and adherence to industry security standards. We strongly believe that security should never be a cost center: it should be a core tenet of everything you do. 

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Secure Software requires a mindset, a toolkit, an approach, and a culture that embraces security

  • Build a security-first culture: this needs to happen across the business and does not end with development or even IT 
  • Integrate security early: starting with a security mindset is much easier than implementing security after deployment (or after a security breach) 
  • Compliance through policy automation: automate as much as possible – make security a standard part of build automations via GitHub Actions and GitHub Advanced Security 
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Get Started with GitHub Advanced Security

Our security-related assessments can be tied together to get a holistic view on your state of security. Based on the outcomes, we can help your teams embrace GitHub Advanced Security to improve their security posture and minimize the attack surface.

Secure DevOps Assessment

Our Secure DevOps Assessment focuses on how a team works and what tools are used.

Secure Software Assessment

Secure Software Assessment is about security in your code base, including code analysis and secret scanning.

Supply Chain Assessment

Supply Chain Assessment is a follow-up that dives deeper into dependencies and SBOMs