Xebia KnowledgeCast Episode 2

06 Jul, 2013
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The Xebia KnowledgeCast is a bi-weekly podcast about software architecture, software development, lean/agile, continuous delivery, and big data. Also, we’ll have some fun with stickies!

In this second episode, Agile Clinic Doctor Kristian Spek talks about one of his patients at XebiCon 2013.

Then, Jan Jouke van der Zee from CJIB takes us through his key takeaways of XebiCon 2013.

Third up is our regular section in the Xebia KnowledgeCast: Fun With Stickies by Serge Beaumont. In this episode, Serge talks about the dotting trick and the blocked waiting-for column.

Finally, we try something new on the podcast with a Skype interview. Nicole Belilos explains the gist of her popular XebiCon 2013 session on Dealing With People You Can’t Stand and tells the audience which book to read.

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The jingles used in the Xebia KnowledgeCast are made by

All interviews are recorded in double mono with a Marantz Pro PMD661 recorder using an AKG D230 dynamic mic or a Rode NTG2 condenser mic on a boompole resulting in a 96.0 kHz, 24-bit wav file. The fun with stickies section is recorded using the FiRe field recording app from Audiofile Engineering and transferred through SoundCloud.

Post production is done on a Macbook Pro using LogicPro with a light voice over filter resulting in a 44.1 kHz, 16-bit mp3 file.

Laurens Bonnema
Agile Trainer, Management Consultant, and Graphic Facilitator. Mentor to leaders creating resilient organizations at any scale. I make boring business notes fun!

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