Xcode 6 GM & Learning Swift (with the help of Xebia)

11 Sep, 2014
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I guess re-iterating the announcements Apple did on Tuesday is not needed.
What is most interesting to me about everything that happened on Tuesday is the fact that iOS 8 now reached GM status and Apple sent the call to bring in your iOS 8 uploads to iTunes connect. iOS 8 is around the corner in about a week from now allowing some great new features to the platform and … Swift.


I was thinking about putting together a list of excellent links about Swift. But obviously somebody has done that already
GitHub – Wolg/awesome-swift
(And best of all, if you find/notice an epic Swift resource out there, submit a pull request to that REPO, or leave a comment on this blog post.)
If you are getting started, check out:
GitHub – nettlep/learn-swift
It’s a Github repo filled with extra Playgrounds to learn Swift in a hands-on matter. It elaborates a bit further on the later chapters of the Swift language book.
But the best way to learn Swift I can come up with is to join Xebia for a day (or two) and attend one of our special purpose update training offers hosted by Daniel Steinberg on 6 and 7 november. More info on that:

  • A Swift Kickstart: Introducing the Swift Programming Language
  • iOS 8 Quickstart: The fundamental pillars of iOS development

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