Wicket is…. Wicked!

13 Nov, 2007
Xebia Background Header Wave

Since a couple of weeks me and some colleagues are working on a project in which need to produce a fancy and flashy website. To achieve this we are teamed up with some html/css experts from lostboys. As we did not want to temper with the html code the lost boys (and girls) produce, our colleague Okke Harsta proposed wicket as web framework. This is the first time I ever used wicket and I must say I am amazed by how easy and natural it is to work with. We can leave all the html code to the specialists and only need to produce the Java code, which basically feels like programming Swing. I could give all kinds of examples in this blog on how easy wicket is in for instance adding Ajax behavior, but I think it better that you check it out yourself. I highly recommend you put it on top of your which-web-framework-do-I-need-to-choose-for-my-new-project list.


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