Why Train with an Authorized Training Partner?

20 Apr, 2021
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What is the next big thing? That’s Cloud. But what is the value of cloud training? And why should you train with an authorized training partner?

In this video and blog post, Max Driessen, chief of cloud training, and Martijn van de Grift, cloud consultant and authorized instructor for AWS and GCP, discuss the importance of cloud training and reasons to train with an ATP.

How important is cloud training?

“That depends on the phase your organization is in, and on the people within your organization”, Max starts.

“Generally speaking, proper cloud training is a great enabler to speed up development and go-to-market, and to implement best-practices such as cost optimization, performance efficiency, and security".

“Organizations usually start their cloud journey by implementing virtual machines or migrating small databases. That isn’t really different from what their engineers have been doing all along”, Martijn adds.

“What is essential in this phase, is that the management defines a vision on cloud and a roadmap. Managers need to become familiar with operating models in the cloud, different cost models and cost allocation".

“As organizations advance towards using the cloud-native building blocks, new challenges arise. Organizations in this phase can really benefit from fundamental training”, says Martijn.

“If a company is already really progressing well with the cloud, they move past the need for the fundamentals towards a potential to dive deep with specific technical cloud training to speed up their development".

What kind of training needs do you see?

Without a blink, Max sums up: “I see three different general training needs: Cloud Awareness, Cloud Transformation, Cloud Skills".

“Cloud Awareness training is for companies that are setting their first steps with the cloud. This training is ideal for managers, project leads, product owners, basically anyone within an organization who needs to get a better grip on the cloud. To develop an understanding of the capabilities, the capacity, the return on investment of cloud even," Max explains.

“Cloud Transformation is for companies that are already in a hybrid or a migration process, who need support and skills within that process of transformation". Max continues. “They will learn about cloud target operating models, defining a business case around cloud, but also, they will learn about the organizational impact of a cloud transformation".

Martijn says: ”Cloud Skills are off-the-shelf training from the curriculum of AWS, GCP, or Azure. These learning paths focus on roles like architects, developers, security or data specialists, and even help you to get prepared to take a certification exam. Each program in the curriculum of AWS, GCP, or Azure, is great preparation for an exam".

“If you want to take the exam, that is something you have to decide on your own, but the training will definitely help you to develop the right competencies", Max adds.

Martijn concludes: “Obviously, you also need to gain practical experience. That is why it’s so useful to have an instructor who has a couple of years of practical experience under his belt".

Why train with Binx?

“Three reasons stand out: First of all, we make sure that each individual receives the best training experience possible by meeting you where you are. Secondly, we combine our training activities with high-end consultancy, so we have first-hand experience with cloud projects. Thirdly, but certainly not the least: we are an authorized training partner for AWS, and GCP," Max says with a smile.

But how do you define the training need and the right training? “If you identify a training need, but you are not really sure on which topic you need training, we have an assessment for you. We can help to identify the knowledge gaps, on which domains. We can help you to fill in the blanks. An assessment could also be a questionnaire, where we have a conversation with a company, to check where they are and to assess where we can be of any help," Max explains.

Martijn has been working as a cloud engineer for some years now. Does that provide added value when delivering training?

“Being not only a consultancy firm but also a training partner, is definitely a big plus. We are working with clients four or five days a week, helping the customers to solve their problems. And on top of this, we are also delivering training".

"We know first-hand what the challenges are that customers are typically facing”, explains Martijn. “And we are also up to date in all the courses and materials. During the training courses, you work together with the instructor. There is plenty of time to ask the instructor. The instructor will tap into his experience and knowledge to explain all the topics. This is definitely a big benefit over an online course".

“Being an authorized training partner with AWS and GCP is very special. Especially if you are authorized in for multiple cloud service providers. That is something that rarely happens. The bar is set high. For example, scoring a 9 out of 10 in feedback for a training", Max says.

Martijn adds: “To become an authorized trainer, you also have to meet a high standard. You have to know everything about the cloud providers and their services. About Amazon, Google, and Azure. Instructors are tested every year by the cloud service provider itself".

Can you share some of your personal training experiences?

Max starts to smile as he recalls his first cloud training a while ago: “In the meantime, I joined three courses, and it has been quite a journey. It was quite challenging at the start, but having a good trainer really made the difference. In my case, I was lucky to have Martijn as the trainer."

Martijn says “My favorite training is the Cloud Architect Professional training. This training really gives a global overview of everything a cloud provider has to offer you. It’s actually more than the cloud from a developer point-of-view, or only from a security point-of-view. It really gives you an overview of the services and how you can use them properly."

Interested to learn more about the benefits of training for you or your organization? Get in touch with Max Driessen to discuss the possibilities.

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