Performance on Amazon AWS

14 Oct, 2012
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The following story I find really interesting.
Bhaskar Sunkara, VP Product Experience at AppDynamics, presents “Performance on Amazon AWS”.
Among other things, AppDynamics is known to be used by NetFlix to monitor thousands of JVMs on Amazon AWS.
The presentation tells you about how Netflix partnered with App Dynamics to monitor their systems in a (more than) dynamic cloud infrastructure by AWS.
A large part of the presentation explains about what the important design principles are to be aware of when developing for the cloud.
Main message: machines will come and go, systems will go down. Application availability is in the hands of the developer. Develop for availability.


Michiel Sens
Michiel is Solution Architect at Xebia and specializes in Continuous Delivery and full lifecycle software development programs. He advocates the use of Continuous Delivery at seminars and meetups and technically focuses on implementation of automated Software Delivery pipelines. Michiel is co-author of "The Manager's Guide to Continuous Delivery", published by Xebia early 2014.

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