The problem

What if you’re working with Maven, where you’ve got all your dependencies nicely organised, and now you decide to use any other piece of ‘classpath-aware’ software, like Fitnesse. The chances are that you’ll need to use the same classpath in Fitnesse as in Maven. A possible solution could be to maintain it by hand, but why not write a very small script for it to do it for you? My (very very very!) basic solution is to use a Groovy, because it’s easy to write, easy to read, and easy to use!

The solution

Et voila: a very small script to keep track of the Maven dependencies and export them in a format which is suiteable for Fitnesse. Mind the ${maveRepo} though: it’s the name of a system property which has been supplied in the when starting Fitnesse, and points to your Maven repository (which is ${USER}/.m2/repository)

Well, I hope will make your life a little easier, and ofcourse you can do all kinds of nifty things with it, like turning it into a Maven plugin or something………