USA’s One Year Celebration

01 Sep, 2023
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Reaching the first-year milestone is a remarkable achievement for any company and for Xpirit USA, the journey to this point has been nothing short of incredible.

On July 1, 2023, Xpirit USA celebrated its 1-year anniversary, and this milestone called for a celebration! 

During the planning process, the self-proclaimed epic party planners were committed to creating an amazing experience that would strengthen our team bonds, especially given our remote-first world. With a team of 36 employees spread across the United States, the party planners decided to bring everyone together for a week of festivities. Bringing everyone together in one place allowed us the unique opportunity to foster not only stronger relationships, but also to create a more cohesive team spirit. With that, our celebration took place in sunny, St. Petersburg, FL.  

The week’s festivities kicked off with a warm welcome at a local brewery. This allowed team members to break the ice over a cold beer. The following day, Xpirit USA hosted what we call a “culture day.” This was more than just a company overview; it was a deep dive into the mission and values that sets Xpirit USA apart. Employees were taken on a journey through Xpirit’s beginning to where we’re at now and given insights into the path that Xpirit plans to take in the future. The core values were spotlighted during each discussion and activity which allowed employees to collaborate and lean on each other while solidifying their bonds as one team.  

The week’s festivities weren’t just about the insights into Xpirit, but also giving our employees a dedicated “innovation day.”

Innovation day allowed employees to come together to work on a variety of projects, ranging from exploring and learning new technologies to open table discussions on enhancing existing processes. The day started off with pitches to join teams and ended with demonstrations of the outcomes of their hard work throughout the day. It was a great experience for our employees as it allowed them the opportunity to not only be creative, but also collaborate amongst the team.  

Throughout the week, Xpirit USA didn’t skip a beat in ensuring the team was having plenty of fun and laughter. Evenings were spent on local rooftops around town with plenty of food and drinks. This relaxed atmosphere was a great set up for team members to unwind and continue to build robust connections with their peers. Of course, Xpirit USA saved the best for last- Xpirit Olympics! This event was the grand finale of the celebration and was thoughtfully curated with creative games that sparked friendly competition and uncontrollable laughter. Perfect way to end the week in St. Pete!  

All in all, Xpirit’s 1-year anniversary celebration was undoubtedly a huge success! It demonstrated the company’s commitment to fostering a strong team spirit. Although we will always focus on being remote-first, this week highlighted the positive impact that in-person connections can have on a company’s virtual culture. As Xpirit enters its second year, we believe that this week of in-person events set the foundation for fostering virtual culture and set the stage for an even more epic year of achievements. I can’t wait to see what year 2 will bring! 


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