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09 Feb, 2023
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As a software developer, you might spend long hours typing away at a computer, but when you step away from the screen, what do you do to unwind? For many tech professionals, a hobby or passion outside of work is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For me, , that hobby is something extraordinary: beekeeping .

With currently 23 beehives and an average yield of around 35kg honey per beehive … the honey production has skyrocketed, reaching beyond the capacity of just the family to consume. The surplus honey was shared with friends, which eventually led to an even bigger market, as I started selling the honey with custom labels to companies.

At one point my wife came up with an innovative idea to add an extra flavor to the honey – to create a kind of jam alternative. After extensive research and experimentation, she found the secret ingredient – pure fruit powder! These fruits, biologically produced and processed in Germany, are shock frosted, grounded, and dried to create a fine powder, which is then mixed with the honey to create flavored versions. Imagine taking a spoonful of honey infused with the sweet and juicy taste of strawberries!

And at Xpirit we are passionate about creating something unique, innovative, and epic. That’s exactly what happened when I introduced the flavored honey to my colleague and other Xpiriters: The idea of "Xpirit Honey" was born.

Sure, the focus shifted to the color, with orange being the top priority, so we began to search and find the perfect recipe. Using a fruit powder combination of peaches, strawberries, and goji-berries, we developed a delicious and all-natural flavor that was unlike anything else. No artificial food coloring or preservatives, just the sweet and juicy taste of fruits in every spoonful.

Our chief of awesomeness at Xpirit, Olaf, added the final touch by creating an eye-catching label design in just a couple of hours. And just like that, it was innovation day, we proudly shared our epic creation with all Xpiriters, and as a present of the first German Xpirit innovation day: Everyone got one glass to take home.


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