The Four Main Goals of our Freshworks Implementations

16 Jul, 2023
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The Number one Goal of Freshworks Implementations: Grip
Lessons Learned From Over 100 Implementations

At Xebia, we have done over 100 Freshdesk, Freshchat and Freshservice implementations since 2014. All these implementations have had their own reasons for companies, but in the end we have seen that four of these reasons came back almost every time.

  1. More grip on the operations 
  2. Lower costs of customer contact
  3. Improved customer experience
  4. Improved employee experience

In this first blog of a more extensive series, we will focus on the first goal “more grip on the operations”. We will discuss best practices and exciting insights developed over the past few years. 

The Grip on the Operations

In our opinion, grip on the operations is sometimes the strongest motivation to implement one of our Freshworks solutions. Without a grip on your operations, especially on data, you won’t be able to realize other important set goals such as customer satisfaction and efficiency. Freshworks helps organizations to gain more control over their customer service operations by centralizing customer contact, offering extensive analytics functionalities, standardizing processes and integrations with other systems. 

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All Forms of Customer Contact in one Location

One of the most important ways Freshdesk is able to help organizations when it comes to getting more grip on operations is by centralizing all client contact into one place. This means that all communication done with clients, via different channels such as e-mail, phone and social media will be gathered and saved into one central place. This gives a better overview and makes it much easier for employees of the customer service department to access the most recent information, leading to faster and more efficient responses to questions of clients.

Data-Driven Insights

If you want to have control over what is happening, you need to make sure that the software programs you work with are high-tech and not outdated. Obtaining valuable insights into the Freshworks products is done in the dashboard and Analytics.

The Four Stadiums of Analysis

Within Analytics we distinguish different stages of analyses. Let us take you through these stages to get a better understanding. 

  1. First, descriptive analytics showing, for example, that customer satisfaction has been below target for the last period. 
  2. The next stage is diagnostic analysis. At this stage, we try to find the underlying cause of the low customer satisfaction. One cause could be a lower First Contact Resolution (FCR) because more complex subjects (ticket types) are received. 
  3. The next stage is predictive analysis in which we try to give an expectation for the coming period. If we know that much more complex questions will still be coming in in the near future, we can predict that customer satisfaction results will also lag behind. 
  4. And finally, we have the Prescriptive Analysis. In the fourth and final stage of Analytics, we describe what needs to be done to achieve better results. For example, we try to investigate the impact of training the team on complex topics on customer satisfaction.

Standardising and Automation

Another key advantage of Freshdesk is the ability to automate and standardize processes. This allows organizations to increase the efficiency of their customer service operations. For example, standard answers to frequently asked questions can be set, saving employees time and giving them more time to focus on more complex questions. This reduces the workload for customer service employees and ensures that organizations get a better grip on their customer service operations. In addition, the use of standard answers makes it easier to implement an adjustment and ensures that all members of the team apply it immediately. The feeling of being in control is often not only about the confidence that the system is now working for the organization, but also that it can quickly adapt to changes in the organization and the outside world.


Finally, Freshdesk can be easily integrated with other systems. This makes it easier to collect, use and keep customer data up-to-date. This helps organizations to get a better grip on their customer service operation and to further improve the quality of service.

Freshworks Helps to get a Grip on the Operations

To conclude this first blog, Freshworks can definitely be of help for organizations to gain more control over their customer service operations. Centralizing customer contacts, offering extensive analytics functionalities, standardizing processes and integration with other systems are some of the most important benefits of using Freshdesk. By leveraging these benefits, organizations can make customer service more efficient, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately be more successful in their marketplace.

Chris Sevenig
As a Freshworks Consultant, Chris is a real fan of Freshworks products. He loves to convert business processes in a way the customer gets a completely new experience. Besides his affinity for Freshworks and technology, Chris is a car and motorcycle fanatic, closely follows F1, and loves to play with (digital) music.

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