The Binx Nanny-on-Tour Initiative

01 Feb, 2021
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Over the past few months, our Cloud Engineers have proven to be so much more than cloud technology specialists. Out of necessity, they have also taken on side jobs as teacher, entertainer and nanny, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Helping Binx Parents Through The Lockdown

We are lucky to have a very creative department that looks after the wellbeing of all people within the company. Overcoming the impossible, they have made it a habit to look at what is possible in every given circumstance. The Nanny-on-Tour initiative is the latest rabbit to come from their hats. The objective is to help all the parents at Binx to get through the lockdown as comfortable as possible by installing a dedicated pool of qualified nannies!

Turning A Pool of Nannies Into Reality

We sat down with HR Advisors Roosmarijn van Zessen and Véronique Reijinga to discuss this wonderful initiative.

“We received several phone calls from colleagues who are really struggling with working from home and taking care of their children at the same time. The power of Binx, as part of Xebia, is that we help each other out”, Roosmarijn van Zessen shared.

Véronique added: “In the past, we had a big pool of students, often children of colleagues, working for our hospitality crew or assisting in other departments. We’ve asked them if they would be open to work for Xebia as a nanny, and many of them responded enthusiastically! A couple of hospitality colleagues have also indicated that they would like to participate in this project. Our Xebia Nanny pool was born!”

It’s a Match!

Almost immediately after announcing this initiative, the HR team received many positive responses. The project was launched last week, and already they’ve been able to match four colleagues with a nanny from the nanny network!

It is great to see how happily surprised they were we already found a nanny for them. We will get through the homeschooling and lockdown together!


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