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11 Oct, 2022
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Use our sam-eventbridge-project cookiecutter project. Get an event driven project up and running in a few steps. On the 3rd of October the AWS Community Day NL was held in Amersfoort. I gave a talk about CodeCommit and how you could use events to make your life easier.

Conclusion: Recognize a problem, find a trigger, and automate the wanted result!

The “hidden” message of the presentation was that you need to find a trigger. This trigger could be an event send to EventBridge.

Most of the times when I start something new. I copy an other project and then change it to my likings. After I gave my presentation at the Community Day. I realized that that was a “problem”! So, I automated the wanted result.

Now, when I want to start a new project I execute: (as a trigger)

cookiecutter gh:binxio/sam-eventbridge-project

Cookiecutter will then create the project structure for me. It contains the following things:

  • AWS SAM, used to build and deploy the CloudFormation stack.
  • Sample implementation of a CloudFormation Stack event’s.
  • Unit tests, validates the sample implementation.
  • Linting and formatting, keeps your code clean and follows style guides.
  • Complexity scanning, prevents your code to become to complex.
  • Makefile to simplify the usage of the project.

By using the sam-eventbridge-project cookiecutter project you will speedup your event driven projects!

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Joris Conijn
Joris has been working with the AWS cloud since 2009 and focussing on building event driven architectures. While working with the cloud from (almost) the start he has seen most of the services being launched. Joris strongly believes in automation and infrastructure as code and is open to learn new things and experiment with them, because that is the way to learn and grow. In his spare time he enjoys running and runs a small micro brewery from his home.

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