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15 Jul, 2020
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Organizations have an increasing need for total control of their cloud consumption. In many cases, multiple cloud accounts combined with unspecified invoices have led to the nearly impossible challenge to get complete insight in the organization-wide cloud consumption. While new features are released, organizations often don’t take the time to optimize their cloud workloads. With Cloud Control, full-service cloud consultancy boutique Binx offers organizations a complete solution to take control of their cloud consumption.

With Cloud Control, full-service cloud consultancy boutique Binx offers organizations a complete solution to take control of their cloud consumption.

“It is our ambition to make organizations cloud native. With Cloud Control we provide organizations with cloud environments that perform as optimal as the entire administrative process around organisation-wide cloud consumption”, said Bart Verlaat, CEO at

First of all, Binx Cloud Control accumulates all cloud spend in one clear invoice. Combined with real-time dashboards, organizations get access to unprecedented insights in their cloud consumption, even across multiple cloud platforms. Cloud Control also regularly reviews the cloud environment on potential optimization and provides support to prevent outages and underperformance.

With this complete service offering organization have immediate access to:

  • single view of organization-wide cloud consumption;
  • one aggregated invoice with a clear overview of all cloud – consumption, across cloud platforms;
  • regular reviews of cloud workloads;
  • 24/7 monitoring and support.

Cloud Billing

For many organizations, keeping track of cloud cost is a tedious task. With multiple departments and teams who use their own credit cards to consume cloud services, it is easy for the IT-department to lose control of the cloud consumption.

With Cloud Billing, organizations have the complete picture of the cloud consumption across the entire organization, even when this involves multiple cloud platforms. Clients receive specified invoices of all the cloud services used within the organization. On top of this, clients receive access to an interactive dashboard with real-time usages stats.

The Cloud Control team is an extension of your organization. This highly-specialized team is only a phone call or message away and has only one objective: to create the most effective cloud environment for you.

But the biggest bonus for clients is that all of these benefits come without any additional costs compared to a direct invoicing relationship with a cloud provider.

“Besides insights in the cloud consumption and the associated costs, we also actively report on potential points of improvement. Without spending an extra euro, organizations gain total control on their cloud investment”, explains Verlaat.

Cloud Control also offers solutions for organizations that are used to more traditional IT procurement (CapEx).

“Based on the expected cloud consumption, organizations can purchase bundles of cloud credits upfront instead of receiving invoices after every period”, said Verlaat.

The interactive dashboards of Cloud Billing provide real-time insight in the cloud consumption. The Finance department will appreciate the monthly aggregated invoice they can process seamlessly.

Cloud Reviews

As most cloud environments are not isolated, it is extremely difficult for cloud architects and cloud engineers to create and maintain environments that are completely optimized. In practice, added workloads and processes can lead to a more inefficient performance of an environment.

Binx Cloud Control offers regular reviews of workloads and infrastructure to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that will scale over time.

“A cloud environment review gives organizations an immediate insight in points of optimization”, emphasized Dennis Vink, CTO of Binx Cloud Control.

Cloud Reviews lead to cloud environments that are optimized to deliver minimum cost, maximum security, the most efficient performance, the highest reliability and operational excellence.

Cloud Support

For business-critical processes, downtime or underperformance are unacceptable. Cloud-native practices like extreme automation, standardization and event-driven architectures contribute to the eradication of performance issues.

Binx Cloud Control supports organizations to automate the operations of their cloud environment. Clients have direct access to a dedicated senior cloud consultant. This specialized engineer is familiar with the client’s specific situation and offers pragmatic support per phone, e-mail, Slack, or on-premises.

“Our support is both reactive and proactive”, Vink explains. “As soon as performance hits a predefined threshold, Binx Cloud Control receives notification. The senior cloud consultant immediately takes appropriate action to take away the root cause.”

With Cloud Support, organizations have the peace of mind of cloud environments with optimal performance.

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