Santa Supervised Learning

07 Feb, 2022
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The big training budget is one of the perks of working at GoDataDriven. Often, we have some days left at the end of the year. It’s a pity to let them go to waste, so each December we get together and go all-out on a new topic with the remaining budget.

2018 was the year of In 2019, we got our hands dirty with causal inference. We dove deep into Dask in 2020.

What did we focus on in 2021? To be honest, we couldn’t choose!

  • NeurIPS was a big thing for us this year — as always. Roel, Stijn, Marysia and Rens watched a lot of talks, but this year we also gave our own talk on Data Centric AI!

Data Centric AI workshop

  • Kris built a data mesh with delta sharing.
  • Daniel and Kris dove into Airflow to learn about the new features such as the HA Scheduler and the Taskflow API. Along the way, they learned how to define your own custom providers (including TaskFlow decorators) and how to run a Kubernetes-like setup within Docker-Compose.
  • Julian and Timo helped Rens get his emoji recommender live on Google Cloud.

Emoji Recommender

  • Marysia and Vadim trained custom GANs — and created this piece of art in the process!

Emoji Recommender

  • Roel passed the AWS Certified Machine Learning exam.

AWS MachineLearning Specialty Badge

  • Henk followed the HuggingFace course and ported 2020’s Rhyme with AI to HuggingFace Spaces.

Rhyme with AI on Hugging Face Spaces

  • Timo, Herbert and Julian dove into Vertex AI to find the best components for a solid MLOps platform.
  • And last, but definitely not least: Rogier and Marcel went on a path to combine robotics and computer vision… and ended up playing Jingle Bells instead!

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