One year Xpirit Germany – our journey so far

24 Oct, 2022
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One year ago – on the 1st October 2021 – we founded Xpirit Germany. I want to take this opportunity to explain what’ve achieved so far and what our ambitions are for the future.


Our ambition was to grow Xpirit Germany to 12 consultants in the first year. We are a little behind on that – but we’ll catch up the first of January next year. Currently the consists of 8 people and we have enough signed contracts to meet our ambition in January.

One year Xpirit Germany - the team in June

The team also contains one Microsoft Regional Director and four Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.


Our GitHub partner business is strong. We are providing a lot of GitHub trainings and consultancy to customers not only in Germany but also around the globe.

And also the Microsoft partnership is providing many opportunities. Until now the partnership is focused on DevOps, Application Innovation, and Azure Trainings – but our ambition for this fiscal year is to expand this and make Microsoft Germany aware that we are also a MSP and have capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Security.

I’m very proud that we signed our first contract with over 1.2 million Euros volume a couple of weeks ago. We will modernize a business critical application for the customer, slice it into microservices, and move it to the cloud. As Xpirit, we are not aiming specifically for big contracts. In this case, the client and Xpirit have built a trusting and strong relationship, which is what we really strive for. For us, it is proof for the good job our team has done so far. It is what we call customer intimacy – having a close relationship of mutual trust in which the goal is to empower each other.

Flexible work

Our team is distributed all over Germany – as well as our customers. This means we are 100% remote. Every member can chose working from the home office or if we rent an office space near his home. The challenge in remote teams is to keep the human connections. We do this by meeting every month in person. Every third month we have our innovation day, when we also meet the rest of the international Xpirit team. The other two month per quarter we do one onsite-meeting and combine it with a nice dinner.

Xpirit Germany Team Meeting in Stuttgart
Team Meeting in Stuttgart in July

Additionally we also have our daily virtual coffee where everybody can join remotely.

You want to join this awesome team? We have some open positions you can apply for in our job portal.


Xpirit Germany is accelerating. With Xpirit US and Belgium we are becoming more international and with our and with GitHub we are making an impact worldwide. You’ll find Xpirit members from all countries speaking on conferences all over the world, publishing books and articles or videos, and giving expert trainings and workshops.

I hope next year I can tell you that we’ve doubled the number of team members from the 12 in January to 24. And I hope that I can share the first customer success stories.

One year Xpirit Germany: it’s a reason for us to celebrate. And, it is a reason to say thank you. To the fantastic German team that makes this happen. But also to the Xpirit and Xebia leadership team that created an environment in which every individual and every business unit is empowered to do epic shit!


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