Xpirit Talks – Secure Software Development

26 Jul, 2022
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Watch the second episode of Xpirit Talks

How can we build better software and make teams embrace the security aspect when building their software? How to get security awareness in your DevOps lifecycle, and how to get the knowledge to be security aware?

This second episode of Xpirit Talks is all about Secure Software Development with Geert van der Cruijsen, Rob Bos, Michiel van Oudheusden, and Arjan van Bekkum.

We see a lot of companies where security is a silo and DevOps teams fail to integrate security in their development lifecycle. Watch this episode if you’re interested in DevSecOps and want to know how to break down these security silos.

Do you want to learn how to work real DevOps and build secure software with immediate feedback loops and push it to production multiple times a day while staying secure and compliant? Accelerate your DevSecOps adoption based on an exclusive experience instead of textbook examples with our DevOps Bootcamp.

DevOps Bootcamp

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