New Google Drive Location Picker

09 May, 2023
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If you have been creating Documents in Google Workspace, for sure you have had to move a document every now and then. So… you may be quite happy with the newest update of Google Drive’s location picker!

The navigation option in Google Drive now enables you to move files and folders in a much more efficient way. When you use the ‘Move to’ button or create a shortcut, you will be shown a navigation menu with lots of new items. With a glimpse of an eye, you can pick one of the three categories as a final location for your file or folder: Recommended, Starred and All locations.


New Google Drive Location Picker 1


The ‘Recommended’ tab shows smart suggestions for relevant folders. When you see a recommended folder that is not up to your liking, you can immediately remove it from the ‘Recommended’ tab.

The ‘Starred’ tab includes all folders that you’ve marked with a star. Via ‘All locations’ you can navigate through your Drive structure, until you reach your final destination.

Other additions such as the ‘Move’ tab next to all locations, a button to add a new folder, and easily see the folders that you have ‘read-only’ permissions to, makes this updated interface an efficient experience.

If you are not able to move a file as – for example – you are not the owner, you will get an error message that explains what may be the issue.


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