MLflow Gateway Models and More Improvements Added to Xef 0.0.4

15 Dec, 2023
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During these intense months of development, we’ve endeavored to stay ahead in an environment where artificial intelligence innovation progresses at an unprecedented pace.

We’re thrilled to share and announce the release of xef version 0.0.4!

Here are the notable changes and improvements:

  • MLFlow Gateway models.
  • Metrics with OpenTelemetry.
  • New features to our Xef Server.
  • Simplify ReAct agent and added streaming support.
  • Autogenerated client for OpenAI using the OpenAPI specification and OpenAPI Generator
  • Removed support for Java and Scala.
  • Improvements in our SQL module.
  • Kotlin from 1.9.10 to 1.9.20 and more library updates.
  • And many more …

Features & Improvements

  • Refactor API service in its own function by @calvellido
  • OpenAIEmbeddings to core module by @javipacheco
  • Added embeddings endpoint to server by @Montagon
  • Show Open AI library can talk to Xef server. by @raulraja
  • Web streaming example by @raulraja
  • Saving token in sessions storage by @javipacheco
  • Update Xef DB to incorporate users, projects and organizations by @Montagon
  • Login on website by @javipacheco
  • Refactor VectorStore and DB Services by @Montagon
  • Added endpoints for manage organizations by @Montagon
  • Better error handling in Xef Server by @Montagon
  • Decompose class hierarchy of LLM implementations by @Intex32
  • Project Screen by @javipacheco
  • Simplify ReAct agent and add streaming by @raulraja
  • Metrics with OpenTelemetry by @javipacheco
  • Safely spawn fine tuned model by @Intex32
  • Update parameters type in CFunction to JsonObject by @Montagon
  • MessagePolicy in Conversations by @javipacheco
  • MLflow Gateway models by @fedefernandez
  • Allow overriding React agent steps by @raulraja
  • Allow custom mappings for different models by @fedefernandez
  • MLflow model adapter by @fedefernandez
  • OpenAI gen client by @fedefernandez
  • Improve SQL module by @gerson24
  • Replace host, port, and database properties by url in VectorStore configuration by @franciscodr
  • Remove support for Java and Scala by @tomascayuelas
  • Reorganize PostgreSQL code by @franciscodr
  • Remove skrapeit loader by @franciscodr
  • Evaluator module by @javipacheco
  • @dependabot did an amazing job updating versions.
  • And many more …

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect impl of flow (streaming gen.) for local LLMs by @Intex32
  • Fix headers setup to prevent duplicates by @Montagon
  • Fix memory insertion based on timestamp by @Montagon
  • Memory bug fixed by @javipacheco
  • Fix ChatCompletion response duplicating headers by @Montagon
  • Fix GenericIOException: Failed to parse HTTP response: unexpected EOF by @tomascayuelas
  • Fix spotless in checks by @Montagon
  • JS cross-compilation in openai-client module by @fedefernandez
  • Change detekt.yml file location for open-ai-client module by @franciscodr
  • Gradle problems in build part by @tomascayuelas
  • Poetry evaluator project name invalid and folder by @tomascayuelas and @javipacheco
  • Update ChatWithFunctions.kt by @fedefernandez
  • Fixes package and adds some readme notes by @fedefernandez
  • And many more …


  • Updated READMEs and additionnal documentation by @gersonpozo, @tomascayuelas, @fedefernandez, and more.

  • Updated our website to include the quickstart and examples that fit with this release.

New Contributors

Thanks to:

These awesome individuals have made their inaugural contributions to the project. Their fresh perspectives and contributions have enriched the Xef community, bringing in diverse skill sets and ideas to propel the project forward.


Stay tuned for more updates. We’re at the initial stages, and the road ahead promises to be immensely thrilling!
With all the buzz in the AI realm, we’re revamping our roadmap on the fly, switching gears, and diving into what’ll rock the boat for our community. Big changes are brewing, so stick around for our next versions – cool stuff is on the way!

For a comprehensive list of changes, please refer to the Full Changelog 0.0.3…0.0.4

Thank you for your valuable contributions!


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