Java in Telecommunications – Order Management API in a Service Oriented Architecture

06 Jun, 2007
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In the previous episodes in this series we started from a high level Java in the Telecommunications industry, zoomed in on Telemanagement Forum and the basics of OSS/J, described the basics of the Order Management API and now we’ll discuss why the Order Management API fits perfectly in an Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Why is this a relevant question? Virtually any organization does with order management in one way or another and many organizations are currently evaluating or realizing SOAs. Reason enough to check if the Order Management API fits in an SOA.

SOA is the most hyped TLA over the last years… Because SOA is so hyped and every vendor is trying to give a definition that’s a perfect match for their product, we decided to not start with an SOA definition in our JavaOne and TMW presentations. Instead we took a more practical approach and compiled a list of concepts that are important for an SOA. We then checked if the Order Management API applied these concepts. The more concepts applied, the better the fit for use of the Order Management API in a SOA. An easy and efficient approach.

Below is the list of concepts we identified and per concept how this is applied in the Order Management API.

Service reuseServices exposed by the API can be reused for different types of Orders and are not bound to any specific business process.
Modular and autonomous

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