Hackathon with unique data sets at UMC Utrecht

16 Oct, 2015
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On November 12th, UMC Utrecht and GoDataDriven once again organize a hackathon at UMC Utrecht. This Data Science hackathon offers a unique opportunity to work on real healthcare data sets and to have impact in finding ways to improve health care. This event is open to anyone active in Data Science and machine learning, text mining, visualization, data intensive programming and general hacking.

At the end of the day you have the unique opportunity to present your findings to the management of the Psychiatry department.

Contribute to the way that Data Science can improve health care and sign up today.

Hackathon at UMC Utrecht


One year ago, the Dutch ‘Doorbraakproject Big Data’ (breakthrough project) came in contact with the psychiatry unit of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). After some interesting joint sessions, a collaborative effort with GoDataDriven started. This has resulted in a first successful ‘Data Science Open Kitchen’, in May 2015.

For this edition more data is available and it’s already pre-analyzed, giving opportunities for an even more interesting event.

The dataset that UMC Utrecht makes available is from the Psychiatry department and contains real (anonymized) data. The data can be combined with external sources like CBS data (Statistics Netherlands), Geo Sources (Environmental data), KNMI (weather data) and data from the City of Utrecht.

For who is this?

Everybody experienced in Data Science (machine learning, data mining, text mining), visualization and/or data engineering is welcome to join. Note that you are expected to be able to load up the data yourself during the event. Due to the uniqueness of the datasets made available by the UMC Utrecht, only a limited amount of seats is available, so be quick!

You will especially enjoy the afternoon if:

  • You like machine learning, to think about and apply models to data;
  • You like to program to reach your goal and still be able to collaborate in a team;
  • You like to use visualization to communicate the results.

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After a brief opening by Ms. F. Scheepers (psychiatrist, head of UMC Utrecht psychiatry unit and initiator of this project) you’ll quickly get to work. Finally, the results will be presented to the management team of the psychiatry unit and everyone else that is interested.

12:00 (Facultative) tour of the Psychiatry department
13:00 Introduction
13:10 Start Hackathon and group formation
13:30 Start in groups
18:00 Plenary wrap-up to the UMCU board
19:00 End

About UMC Utrecht

Thanks to the multi-disciplines nature of health care data, a diverse team working together is the ideal situation to show how Data Science can have a direct impact on the lives of many patients. Strategies and output of such an open kitchen can therefore be directly applicable to improve the job or treatment of nurses, patients and doctors. The first event showed a very committed and enthusiastic staff and also during this new event, domain experts and management of the psychiatry unit will be present during the day.


What are the transport / parking for the event?
Cars can be parked in the car park of the University Medical Center Utrecht.
What can I do / not bring to the event?
Power and Internet connections are regulated sufficiently. A personal laptop with proprietary software could help to solve interesting problems using big data-applications.
Where can I reach the organizer if I have questions?
Contact Walter van der Scheer at


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