GoDataFest 2018

24 Oct, 2018
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From October 15 to 19, the second edition of GoDataFest, festival of data technology, took place. Every day of this event, organized by GoDataDriven, highlighted a specific technology or platform: AWS, Dataiku, Databricks, Google Cloud Platform and open-source.

GoDataFest 2018 Entrance

This year, a total of 341 visitors registered for 509 tickets for a total of 38 sessions. During the week we published 19 videos, of which 3 were shot completely in 360 degrees! Check out the complete playlist on our Youtube channel (and subscribe to it!).

Here’s an example of a 360 degrees after-movie. For the best experience, view it on a mobile device:

It was a blast!

We really owe our partners for helping us to make such events possible. Also, a big thanks to everyone who chipped in to make this event a success: hospitality, camera team, graphic designers, the caterers, all the speakers, and everyone else who contributed during this week! You guys are amazing.

GoDataFest Panel Clients GoDataDriven


Data Technology topics covered in the sessions included:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Amazon Sagemaker
  3. Amazon AI Application Services
  4. Elastic Cloud Engineering with rubycfn
  5. Data Lakes and Analytics
  6. Serverless acrhiving of streaming data
  7. Dataiku Data Science Studio
  8. Microsoft Azure
  9. DataFrames on Databricks
  10. ML Flow
  11. Databricks Delta
  12. Data Lineage on Databricks
  13. Cloud AutoML
  14. Dataproc
  15. Big Query
  16. Dialogflow
  17. Cloud Composer and Airflow
  18. Tensorflow
  19. Divolte

GoDataFest Databricks Full Room

Customers who shared their insights:

  1. Royal FloraHolland
  2. Dynniq
  3. Schiphol
  4. Wehkamp
  5. Quby
  6. Adyen
  7. Philips
  8. Picnic
  9. Intergamma

Speakers from GoDataDriven & included:

  1. Rob Dielemans
  2. Bart Verlaat
  3. Dennis Vink
  4. Martijn van Dongen
  5. Niels Zeilemaker
  6. Wietse Venema
  7. Vincent Warmerdam
  8. Fokko Driesprong
  9. Andrew Snare
  10. Constantijn Vicinescu

GoDataFest Data Technology, Lunch Pizza at GoDataDriven

Did people like it?

Yes, they sure did! Sessions, venue, HOSPITALITY, all rated top-notch.

GoDataFest F1 Challenge

Key take aways from some of the attendees:

“The chatbot I could demo at my company.”

“Practical experience in working with Google Cloud. Very concrete pointers on implementing Cloud Compose and Dataproc in my company.”

“The BigQuery demonstration of querying a huge set convinced me that it’s a technology we should consider for our data warehouse.”

“Divolte might work for us. Picnic and GoDataDriven awesome data savvy companies.”

“TensorFlow really interesting scalable product.”

“Usability of Airflow & TensorFlow for non AI/ML problems.”

Other feedback we got from participants:

“Venue is great, food was perfect.”

“Easy to reach, communication was good, food was excellent, chairs could’ve been a bit more comfortable.”

“I really liked the variety of all the sessions, and the audience. It was great the speakers did not shy away from showing code/live coding and demonstrations.”

Save the date for next year: October 28 – November 1.


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