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19 Apr, 2010

When two workmen are working on the same house but each of them uses a different plan (Off course they both think they are using the same plan), the house will not end up to be the intended house. Also, these two men will have a very difficult time appreciating each others work. What will you learn if you act perfectly according to the plan and someone tells you it sucks because he’s using another plan? You will either learn that the other guy is stupid, or you will learn that clearly you’re not as good as you thought you were. Both lessons are useless. Neither you, nor your collegue will improve your individual skills or your mutual ability to work together. So, the differences between the two plans will only become bigger. It’s impossible to be succesfull in this way.

This example seems like an unreal situation where 2 workers build a house and both use a different plan, but in software developement this is often the case.
The plan here is clearly the methaphore for ‘Focus’. To create ONE focus is an immense challenge, because what you need for that is common understanding of what the Focus means. When different people understand the same thing in different ways they can never work together towards this common goal ( called Focus),
In my opinion, the only instrument you can use to help different people understand a Focus in one single way is MINDSET. Talking to people, letting people talk to each other, discussions, pictures, presentations, slogans, …. ,
Creating a mindset in a Team that helps them understand each other is priority number 1 for me. When you reach the situation of OneMind, you will become more efficient then ever before.
How do you deal creating a good focus ?

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Peter Veentjer
Peter Veentjer
12 years ago

Focus depends on a lot of factors, but imho the larger the team, the lower the focus. So that would mean that a team of a single person has the highest focus 😉

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