FarmBot (Part 2): 'Temporary' raised bed

23 Oct, 2018

A couple of weeks ago we decided to continue building all FarmBot parts. After constructing these in large segments, we would assemble them together on top of the supportive construction, which was still missing.
To get more speed, I asked Sjuck – our house carpenter – to create a temporary solution made of wood. Since our motto still is Quality without Compromise, we were really happy when we saw the piece of art.

Shiny! Painted and varnished wood, including kit edges

Sturdy legs with wheels

Sjuck had worked the whole weekend to make this solution and now we can continue building the FarmBot. The raised bed contains legs with wheels, so we have a mobile garden. This opens some opportunities for autonomous driving (sun seeking) in the future! 😉
The kit is designed for US power sockets, so I ordered an S-KROSS travel adapter so that we can power the whole thing.
We will continue building upcoming Friday. I hope we can finish the construction and start hacking on the software.

This is a blog series on our FarmBot adventure:
Part 1: Unboxing and building the tracks
Part 2: ‘Temporary’ raised bed

Frank is a senior frontend consultant focusing on quality and maintainability.
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Ludwig Amann
Ludwig Amann
3 years ago

Is FarmBot (Part 3) already in the making?

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