Enhancing the employee experience

11 Sep, 2023
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Lessons Learned From Over 100 Implementations

As we have seen in the previous blogs of this series, from over 100 Freshworks implementations, there are four universal goals:

  1. Improved operational control
  2. Lower customer contact costs
  3. Improve customer experience
  4. Enhance the employee experience

In the previous blogs, we’ve discussed the first three objectives. This blog is centered around enhancing the employee experience.

Why should you focus on the employee experience

Employee satisfaction is crucial as it directly impacts productivity, staff turnover, and the quality of work delivered. Satisfied employees generally exhibit higher morale, greater engagement in their tasks, and a stronger connection to the organization. Particularly during times of labor market scarcity, this focus definitely pays off quickly!

What impacts the employee experience

Daniel Pink, a distinguished author and speaker on human behavior and motivation, emphasizes that the following are the primary influencers of employee satisfaction:

  1. autonomy
  2. mastery
  3. and purpose

Firstly, Pink asserts that autonomy, or the degree of control and decision-making freedom employees have over their work, is crucial to their satisfaction and motivation. Employees with more autonomy have more room to organize and execute their tasks in a manner aligned with their personal style and preferences, leading to greater engagement in their work. Secondly, Pink underscores that mastery, or the ability to develop and enhance skills and talents, is also a significant factor in employee satisfaction. Thirdly, Pink states that purpose, or the extent to which employees feel their work is meaningful and valuable, also plays a huge role in their satisfaction and motivation.

The impact of system simplicity on autonomy

Simplicity in the systems that employees use during work can have a positive influence on the sense of autonomy. When systems and tools are user-friendly, employees have more control over their work processes and can readily make decisions on how to organize and carry out their tasks. This contributes to the sense of autonomy and control employees have over their work.

On the other hand, complex or confusing systems and tools can limit the sense of autonomy. Employees might feel incapable of effectively organizing or performing their tasks due to system limitations, leading to frustration and demotivation.

Roles and rights for employees

Hence, it’s vital to select a system like Freshservice or Freshdesk that simplifies daily tasks while also affording employees substantial rights within the system. For instance, configuring inbox filters to suit their personal needs. Another example is granting employees significant rights within Analytics. The insights available through Analytics reinforce the feeling of autonomy.

Quick adaptation by admins

Moreover, delegating functional management responsibilities close to the frontlines of customer service is an efficient choice. In some organizations, adjustments to the system are entrusted to the IT department. Often, the IT department lacks sufficient time for implementing changes and, more importantly, doesn’t receive day-to-day input for making minor adjustments to automations, scenarios, standard responses, and dashboards. This can result in a system that increasingly falls short of employee expectations over the course of a year.

Having a direct line with a system administrator can amplify employees’ sense of autonomy as they influence system enhancements. Through autonomy, this influences employee satisfaction, as well as efficiency and quality.

Enhancing the employee experience with Freshworks

All in all, enhancing the employee experience is vital for organizations aiming to invest in their workforce and the quality of work delivered. Offering autonomy, mastery, and purpose, along with implementing simple and adaptable systems, can lead to higher employee satisfaction and motivation, ultimately contributing to improved business outcomes and customer satisfaction. Delegating responsibilities close to the frontlines of customer interaction can further enhance work efficiency and quality. By considering these factors and investing in employee experience, organizations can distinguish themselves and strengthen their competitive position in an increasingly competitive market.


Hugues Heremans
Hugues is passionate about aiding people and enhancing organizations, promoting greater workplace fulfillment. With 20 years in IT across service desk levels, he adeptly tackles challenges and crafts innovative solutions. His joy comes from driving positive changes for a better work environment. With dedication, he's always ready to collaborate on improvements, aiming to make a positive impact for growth. Together, the goal is a more satisfying work experience. Beyond work, he's active in local fair organization and heads a community equestrian association.

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