Common gotcha’s for using GitHub Actions on Enterprise Server

08 Oct, 2022
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Rob detailed in this post some common gotcha’s when you want to start using GitHub actions on GitHub Enterprise Server.

List of topics:

  • Don’t use self-signed certificates on GitHub Enterprise
  • The default actions in will download the binaries from
  • Actions org will be cleaned up with each major/minor update
  • Mismatches in the settings UI (harder for admins)
  • Dependabot runners need to be created
  • Log storage is external to the server
  • GitHub Connect is mandatory

Read the full post here:

Rob Bos
Rob has a strong focus on ALM and DevOps, automating manual tasks and helping teams deliver value to the end-user faster, using DevOps techniques. This is applied on anything Rob comes across, whether it’s an application, infrastructure, serverless or training environments. Additionally, Rob focuses on the management of production environments, including dashboarding, usage statistics for product owners and stakeholders, but also as part of the feedback loop to the developers. A lot of focus goes to GitHub and GitHub Actions, improving the security of applications and DevOps pipelines. Rob is a Trainer (Azure + GitHub), a Microsoft MVP and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor.

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