Managed GitHub Enterprise Server (MGHES)

Your alternative to GitHub Cloud. We manage your GitHub setup for you, guarantee uptime, provide insights, and you get to choose where your data resides!

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Managed GitHub Enterprise Server in a Nutshell 

  1. GitHub Enterprise Server single instance (VM), completely configurable the way you want
  2. Failover.  An active/passive configuration in two regions
  3. Plus, Three essentials you only get with MGHES!

“Everything we do has to be infrastructure as code because then it’s easy to test. Only in unforeseen emergencies do we switch to manual runbooks executed by our experts, which are eventually taken over by automated playbooks. So, all our packages, images, and deployments are always tested and updated every night.” — Erick Segaar, DevOps Consultant at Xebia.

Carefully pre-tested configurations to guarantee operation. Whether you choose a standalone or active/passive setup, you only want to run on VMs that have been tested and are guaranteed to function correctly. 

A log-forwarder to provide insight into usage. To provide insight into your GitHub usage, this information is forwarded to Xebia Managed Services’ Log Analytics Workspace, which we actively monitor and proactively manage.

No more sleepless nights with Managed GitHub Backup. Even with an active/passive setup, you still need to protect your business from specific threats. With us, Managed GitHub Enterprise Server always includes a pre-configured backup. It’s the least we can do!


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From GitHub Newbie to Pro, We've Got Your Back 

Getting Started With GitHub 

Your core business is the heart and soul of your company. That’s where you want your focus to be, and not on running a platform for your product lifecycle. If you choose our managed GitHub offering, we’ll get you up and running in no time, or we’ll migrate you from Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, or any other solution you’re currently using.

Grow as You Go 

It’s imperative that GitHub can grow as you go, which requires a flexible setup from the start. For example, if at any point you want to work with GitHub Actions or Advanced Security, we’ll help you set it up securely, eliminating common risks. 

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Hold Close What You Hold Dear 

Although we believe GitHub Cloud is “first prize,” it’s simply not for everyone. For example, if laws and regulations require your data to reside in European or national territory, you wouldn’t be able to use GitHub Cloud because it runs on US territory. Or, if you want to run Intellectual Property on your tenant, you can’t do that with GitHub Cloud either, but you can with MGHES. We can deploy it on your own tenant, allowing you to take ownership of the hosting, or we’ll set one up and manage it for you. 

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What's the Added Value of Managed GitHub Enterprise Server?  

  • Alerts 
    MGHES comes complete with functionality and limitations alerts, letting us know when your server might not be running perfectly, or you are about to reach a user or feature limitation.
  • No-risk configs
    Our team of experts takes care of any new configuration, eliminating risk and guaranteeing a smooth and secure sail.
  • Updates
    All infrastructure, like your backup, is automatically updated. Whenever GitHub releases a new update, we’ll collaboratively create a migration plan to ensure your data is safely moved to the latest version.
  • A team of experts
    No need to worry about finding the industry’s best GitHub professionals. We have them in-house, and they are dedicated to providing you with the best GitHub experience currently on offer. 
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