EJAPP is coming…

13 Oct, 2006
Xebia Background Header Wave

For those people that saw my talk at J-Fall on 11 October 2006 and came here looking for more on the Top 10 Enterprise Java Performance Problems: it’s coming!
I’ve already thought of a name: EJAPP – Enterprise Java Application Performance Project.
And I got a wiki at JOCE. The wiki is still empty, but I’ll put the slides up there very soon. First in Dutch of course, but I’ll translate them into English quickly after that and then I’ll start making it into a proper Wiki instead of a slide repository. 😉
In the meantime if you’ve got any good ideas on this, please post them here or mail me.
Regards, Vincent.
October 22, 2006 Update: the English translation of the presentation is available on the EJAPP site.


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