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30 Oct, 2019
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We’re proud to announce Julian de Ruiter and Bas Harenslak have released the first three chapters of their book Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow, now available at Manning: for a price of $39.99 (eBook) or $49.99 (printed book).

Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Now that the book entered Manning’s Early Access Program, chapters will be released on a regular basis, approximately one per month. The first six chapters cover the basics of Airflow and are for anybody new and interested in Airflow. After this, the content will go more in depth and into more advanced topics such as creating custom operators, testing, and deploying and scaling out Airflow in production.

In the end, the complete book will cover:

Part 1: Airflow Basics

  • 1 Meet Apache Airflow
  • 2 Anatomy of an Airflow DAG
  • 3 Scheduling in Airflow
  • 4 Breaking down a DAG
  • 5 Defining dependencies between tasks
  • 6 Triggering DAGs

Part 2: Beyond the basics

  • 7 Testing your workflows
  • 8 Best practices for writing reliable DAGs
  • 9 Building your own components
  • 10 Generating DAGs dynamically
  • 11 Case studies

Part 3: Airflow operations

  • 12 Running Airflow in production
  • 13 Airflow in the clouds
  • 14 Securing Airflow
  • 15 Future developments

Any feedback on the book is very welcome on the book’s discussion board.

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