Data Science Accelerator Program now available for individual participants

14 Jul, 2016
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We are proud to announce that the Data Science Accelerator Program is now available for individual participants. The Data Science Accelerator Program combines in-depth and hands-on lectures with practical workshops to take the skills and knowledge of data scientists to the next level.

Data scientists are no longer a nice-to-have; they are a must. Businesses of all sizes are scooping up this new breed of engineering professional. But until now, there’s been no precise definition or benchmark for this role.

Exactly because of this reason, one year ago we were approached by a leading financial institution who asked us if it was possible to create a training program to escalate the data science skills of their teams to the highest level.

We developed a unique program thats provide a full overview of modern day Data Science and called it the Data Science Accelerator Program. What makes this Data Science Accelerator Program so unique is the combination of in-depth and hands-on lectures in combination with workshops that put theory into practice.

Launch of the public Data Science Accelerator Program

Today, we are proud to announce that the Data Science Accelerator Program is available for individual Data Scientists to participate. The first public Data Science Accelerator Program is scheduled to start on September 14, 2016.

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The Data Science Accelerator Program’s curriculum emerged from extensive, hands-on experience with the implementation of Data Science applications for organizations across many industries. The curriculum focuses on sharing Data Science knowledge and development best-practices.

The public program consists of five lectures and five workshops (10 days total) spread over a period of 5 months, covering all the major components.

Probability stackSolve multi-armed bandit problems
Simple modelingCreate a predictive model, wrap it in an API and put it into production
Complex modelingProvision a server to train Neural Networks
Non-traditional data and featuresBuild image processing models
Time seriesPredict an optimal portfolio for the stock market

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Reasons to join

Here’s six reasons to attend the Data Science Accelerator Program:

  • In-depth: Our experienced trainers make the content come alive and make sure that you dive deep into every single topic
  • Applicable: No theoretical or abstract approach. We took the effort to create the content based on our real-life experience with data science. You can be certain that the content is fit to be used in any organization.
  • Dynamic: Because we have developed the content in-house, we are able to adapt the pace of the program to every participant and allow as much time for questions and interaction as required.
  • Certificate: After the program you receive an official certificate of participation.
  • More value: The unique curriculum provides you with all the necessary tools and state-of-art techniques to develop models
    that are more valuable for your organization.
  • Access to a unique network: Tap into the knowledge and expertise of the most seasoned practitioners, share experiences with data scientists from enterprise organizations, and gain direct insight into the roadmap of leading technology providers.


The Data Science Accelerator Program was developed to take the skills of data scientists with some experience to the next level.

A background in math, statistics, or other quantitative disciplines, combined with basic Data Science and programming skills is required. Plan for an additional eight hours of self-study per month.

Participants who can also apply the program’s content in their daily, professional work will obtain the most benefit.

If you are interested in the program but not sure if you have the right experience, we are happy to get you in touch with one of the trainers to discuss your current skills. Just send us an email.


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