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05 Nov, 2020
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Six years ago, Xebia Group expanded with the founding of Xpirit. Today, a team of over 40 Cloud and DevOps fanatics is changing the way businesses work. Xpirit’s mission is to help companies adopt Cloud for flexibility and DevOps for speed. But what is it like to work at Xpirit? Our team members share their ambitions, how Xpirit supports their career, as well as their most ‘Epic Shit’ moments, and why we call them that!

Creating fun at work matters; research* shows it promotes a culture of learning from each other on the job, adds to team spirit, improves productivity, and, ultimately, makes people better at their jobs. We asked our team of dedicated techies to share more about what it is like to work at Xpirit.

Challenge your ambitions
People who love what they do are eager to learn more and challenge themselves to grow. At Xpirit, you’re encouraged to create your unique learning path by selecting the projects that excite you. For example, Jesse joined Xpirit as a seasoned Scrum trainer for, an organization we were not working with at that moment. Xpirit ensured he could continue his passion. When the opportunity presented itself to give more training courses, Jesse obtained extra licenses overseas and is now one of our Scrum gurus! Sofie, DevOps and Azure Consultant at Xpirit, adds from her experience: "We are all ambitious, and we all want to make an impact. We don’t want to waste time at a client’s office for two years. We want to add real value, and I am thrilled that I can choose the assignments that enable me to do that."

Support your growth
The world is changing at a high pace. To keep up, we need to develop at (at least) the same speed, both as business professionals and as human beings. At Xpirit, we support your growth on many levels, from personal coaching to training courses and our knowledge-sharing get-together every Tuesday. Rob shares: "Companies can tell you ‘this is how we work,’ but are they merely empty words? Our culture is impressive. Every day I experience how we take the team to a higher level, share knowledge, and make everyone feel appreciated. That makes working here really great."

Create Epic Shit moments
Before we dive into career-changing or life-saving experiences, why we refer to them as ‘Epic Shit’ moments is a fun story and a great example of how we embrace individual initiatives. One day, Roy, Solution Architect at Xpirit, was hosting a workshop. One attendee spoke the magical two words, and another suggested creating a sticker with them on it. Roy jumped on that idea and created a design, and now the stickers and even T-shirts are all over our office and beyond. Other great moments shared by the team include giving an Angular and .NET Core workshop to 150 people in Poland, taking a trip to Rome with the entire team, or launching an international event. René, DevOps Engineer and Consultant, shares: "My most Epic Shit moment was when I helped create and organize Xpirit’s and Solidify’s first Global DevOps Bootcamp. Seven thousand people worldwide used our platform to create cool stuff during that event. It was great.

Want to join us?
"If you are crazy about your job and eager never to stop learning, you can join us," are the words of Xpirit’s COO Immanuel Kranendonk. Xpirit works in a field that proceeds to develop and grow. We are always on the look-out for new talent; people who are passionate about technology, have an entrepreneurial spirit, love a challenge, and operate well in a team. When creating a series of videos, we asked our team members what they would be doing if they were not working at Xpirit. The answers varied from chef to physiotherapist, reflecting how different we all are, but we do share one passion: making businesses better with technology. If you share that same passion, we would love to hear from you!

*What Team Building Is and How to Achieve It


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