Consul: the end of CNAMEs and PuppetDB?

20 Mar, 2015

Do you use CNAME records to identify services on your network? Do you feel life is impossible without PuppetDB and exported resources? In this blog I will explain how Consul can be used to replace both, and jump-start your transition towards container-based infrastructure in the process.

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Gerbrand van Dieijen
Gerbrand van Dieijen
7 years ago

Nice article. Consol is something I’d may look into, *being* the dns-server seems a better approach than just updating records of an existing DNS-server.
Is this similar to what Amazon’s Route 53 on AWS offers? Remark: I don’t have much experience with Amazon’s service either.

Mark van Holsteijn
7 years ago

Route53 is a full fledged DNS server, Consul is a KV with a opinionated implementation of a DNS interface on a KV store.

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