Lean Architecture Principles: Wrap up!

11 Aug, 2010

Over the last 4 month’s we have written a series of blogposts describing 11 principles of Lean Architecture. This post will be the last of the series, the wrap up post.

The posts are, in order:

  1. Lean Architecture Principle #1: Always involved
  2. Lean Architecture Principle #2: Travel light
  3. Lean Architecture Principle #3: Think Big, Act Small
  4. Lean Architecture Principle #4: All Hands on Deck early on
  5. Lean Architecture Principle #5: Just in time, just enough
  6. Lean Architecture Principle #6: Iterative Architecture Development
  7. Lean Architecture Principle #7: Architecture Initiated by Business Goals
  8. Lean Architecture Principle #8: Focus on the Value Stream
  9. Lean Architecture Principle #9: Comprehensible over comprehensiveness
  10. Lean Architecture Principle #10: Architecture emerging from Projects
  11. Lean Architecture Principle #11: Freedom where possible, standardize where needed

These posts provide a complete overview of the mindset of a lean architect. The principles were derived from our daily jobs as architects and of experience of our colleagues.
After all this writing we became very curious. Do you recognize the added value of the principles we stated? Do you apply them in your work as an architect in an agile environment? Did you discover any principles yourself? Did you like our posts?
We would love to read and reply to your comments!

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12 years ago

Actually I commented on your blogs, or more over, on the substance of your views on Lean architecture in a blogpost:
It is in written NL, but if there are many people interested whom cannot read our Dutch language i will consider to translate it in English.

10 years ago

Most appreciated! Is Principle #6 still available? It is coming up empty at the moment.
Thanks for helping a returning programmer get up to speed with lean thinking!

10 years ago

Hi aj, thanks for the reply. #6 “works on my machine”. Maybe it was a temporary glitch?

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