Automated Export of Cloudera Manager Configuration for Hadoop

27 May, 2012
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Cloudera Manager is a web based management application for your Apache Hadoop cluster. It makes the installation and configuration for your Hadoop cluster a whole lot easier and is free for a cluster up to 50 nodes. In particular I like the suggested configuration settings based on your cluster hardware.
All the configuration settings of Cloudera Manager are persisted in the configuration database, which can be manually exported through the admin interface. One of our clients wanted to export these settings programmatically for auditing and backup purposes.
Currently there isn’t an automated way to do that, besides backing up the entire database. Here is a little shell script that allows you to download the configuration automatically in text format.

wget -q –post-data="j_username=${USERNAME}&j_password=${PASSWORD}" –save-cookies ${COOKIES_FILE} –keep-session-cookies -O /dev/null ${SCM_URL}/j_spring_security_check
wget -q -O ${EXPORT_FILE} –load-cookies ${COOKIES_FILE} ${SCM_URL}/cmf/exportCLI
Adjust the variables for your Cloudera Manager setup.
Download the script and follow @mids106 on Twitter.


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