Recipe for slightly burned decisions

This recipe describes the process of baking marvellous, slightly burned decisions. If you’re looking for the well-done version of decisions, I would suggest altering this recipe by adding things like “necessity”, “timing”, “context” and “feeling” or taking another recipe on the subject.
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Agile (tools) for the enterprise?

I was speaking with a colleague today who’s working as a scrum master on a project with another customer. While we were discussing on how we both look at project metrics and related subjects, the subject of tooling was touched. They used ScrumWorks at that project and were quite happy with it.

After walking through the tool and specifically the features that dealt with organising releases, projects, etc. I found the tool lacking on one part, like all the others I’ve seen and/or evaluated; My current client is an enterprise organisation that has hundreds of employees that work on the software development, due to control of the environment works with fixed date releases and has multiple programs and projects running simultaneously.
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Choose your managers wisely; they have cookies on the dark side

In my every day work I encounter numerous management styles, ranging from HR-managers doing operational management and vice versa, to managers thinking that “divide and conquer” was a phrase written by a manager and is applicable on groups of employees. I am not saying all managers are bad at there job, certainly not, I am saying that management is one of the professional areas that is relatively easy to get in to but extremely hard to perform well.Read more →